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Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter Writing and More

Recent Graduate
(Graduated Within the Last Year)

If you have graduated college in the last year, this is for you! Looking to gain the skills and experience needed to achieve long-term success. High importance placed on building a network of valuable references for future positions.

Administrative Assistant, Sales Associate, Intern, Marketing Coordinator, Customer Service Representative

Entry Level
(Less than 3 years of experience)

Requires more experience than a college graduate, but still a basic knowledge and skill base. If you have a few years of experience and are looking to transition into your next role, you are considered entry level.

Event Planner, Human Resources Coordinator, Operations Analyst, Training Specialist, Account Manager

(Less than 10 years of experience)

If you have some management experience or are looking to get into management, but still have less than 10 years of experience.. Often managerial roles and ensure the day-to-day operations of an organization are running smoothly.

Account Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Controller

Senior Level
(Less than 15 years of experience)

These individuals have senior titles and have hands-on expertise in their field. Typically, have had some type of leadership role, deal with C-Suite individuals, and have strong skill sets.

Director, Vice President, Global Lead

(20+ years of experience)

The most important leadership roles of the company.
These employees are the highest-paid and senior-most decision makers.

Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors, COO, CEO, C-Suite

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