Why You Should Keep Your Resume Up to Date


The only constant is change. You have probably heard some version of this phrase before. Nothing could be more true in the job world, either. Though it may feel steady now, your role could be adjusted beyond recognition or eliminated completely with a snap of an executive’s fingers. As such, it is incredibly valuable to keep your resume up to date. Here are three important reasons to keep your resume, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio updated on a monthly basis. Even if you don’t plan on leaving your current position, it could save you time and stress in the long run. 

Ease of use 

If you wait too long to update your resume, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio, the task can easily feel daunting to tackle. Chances are you won’t remember all of the work you’ve completed in your role. This could be true if you’re only updating your documents once or twice a year, too. Who remembers every project they have worked on or completed over the last six months? Yes, there are probably ways to figure out the details: Maybe you sent drafts in emails or had extensive chats on Microsoft Teams with your coworkers, but now you have to get your brain to understand stale information while still trying to complete work in the present. What if that work was complex? If so, you may have trouble distilling your accomplishments concisely. 

While the same concept applies to updating your portfolio, the reasoning may be a little different. If you write for a living, for example, it can be easy for a piece to fall through the cracks if you only update your portfolio at irregular intervals. That 200 word piece from three months ago may not seem that important, but you still want the credit for it, don’t you? In this way, you can always ensure that your resume is tailored to the job you are seeking, too. 

Uncertain economy

Going back to the first sentence of this article, it is important to know that however safe you feel in this world, something can easily come along and take you for a ride. In today’s market, we see layoffs, terminations, and “restructurings.” It is safe to say no one knows what will happen next. When in need of job hunting help, having a fully updated resume, portfolio, or LinkedIn profile can give you a leg up if needed. This is one of the key reasons to keep your resume up to date at all times.

Be proud of your accomplishments

Finally, you should feel a sense of accomplishment when you update your resume. Honestly, that is one of the best ways to see yourself grow professionally. When you are in the heat of the labor, you may not realize all of the new skills you are learning or challenges to overcome. But when you take a minute and look back on past accomplishments, you’ll feel a sense of pride like nothing else. Few things are better than seeing the achievements you have accomplished through your work. You may even get some compliments (which can also be leveraged in a resume, profile, or portfolio)! By setting up some time each month to review and update your resume or other professional profiles, you can see how far in a project, job, or career you have come. 

In that same vein, while this article has primarily focused on what happens if you need a new job, that is not the only use for an updated resume. Maybe you are up for a promotion, but because you were not prepared to expand on your previous leadership abilities in a discussion, you were passed up. Having those details to hand over to a supervisor can make a big difference. Not having your “Ps” and “Qs” in order can be one of the major reasons for being passed up on a promotion, according to the Harvard Business Review. Perhaps you have been terminated for poor performance – while a resume is not hard evidence, providing it could open up new doors in legal proceedings.

Likewise, maybe you just want to know what you can do and where you need more room for growth. Whatever the case may be, keeping your resume up to date is one of the key ways to keep your mind, and your appearance, sharp. 

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